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Connecting Biscayne Bay to the Atlantic

What is Haulover Inlet? Baker’s Haulover Inlet is a man-made channel in Miami-Dade County, Florida connecting the northern end of Biscayne Bay with the Atlantic Ocean.  

This famous inlet has recently achieved greater notoriety through the efforts of several camera men and women filming the different boats going through this rough waterway. The giant waves, expensive boats, and beautiful people make for very interesting content. Channels such as Wavy Boats and Haulover post videos on a regular basis that showcase what makes this waterway part of the reason the Miami boating scene is the best in the world!

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How To Navigate Haulover Inlet

Traveling through Haulover by Boat? Check out our article for information on navigating Haulover Inlet.

What makes Haulover Inlet so interesting?

As the only inlet in Northern Miami-Dade, Haulover acts as a major point of tidal flow for water moving in and out of the northern section of Biscayne Bay.

Since the Biscayne Bay is huge, the pressure that builds during tidal flows as the water empties into the Atlantic Ocean interacts with the rocks and jetties at Haulover with considerable force.

During periods of an outgoing tide, this immense pressure of the large mass of water within Biscayne Bay creates a serious tidal flow that pushes huge volumes of water out into the Atlantic Ocean.

These tides help to create unpredictable sandbars, putting a fresh face on the perspective of the inlet each day depending on conditions.

When you combine these conditions with the enormous number of boats and yachts that travel in the area it makes for some great content.  

In addition to the boats there are lots of people partying and having fun, either on the beaches at Haulover Park, on the sandbars nearby, or on the boats going through the inlet.  There is even a Haulover Nude beach nearby.

Wavy Boats, Boat Zone, and other YouTube and social media channels film content on a daily basis at the inlet, everyone waiting for the right conditions for a mishap.

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