Boat overboard! Sea Ray 450 loses its tender in Haulover Inlet

Sea Ray 450

Another day, another yacht full of pleasure seekers getting more than they bargained for. This time its a Sea Ray 450 Express. At Haulover Inlet there is no shortage of accidents, fun, crazy people, and of course huge waves! This particular day produced nearly all the elements of a good Haulover Inlet video! Today’s video […]

Sunseeker Yacht in very rough seas at Haulover Inlet

sunseeker manhattan

This Sunseeker Manhattan yacht is heading out through Haulover Inlet on a grey and gloomy day. This time of year the Inlet can be very unpredictable, YouTube channel Livin off the Land caught several boats navigating the Inlet on this rough afternoon. The Sunseeker, probably full of pleasure seekers, has a rough start to their […]

Unsinkable Midnight Express 43′? 2019 Key West Poker Run

midnight express

This past week YouTube Channel Livin Off The Land was out capturing footage of the horsepower flying through Haulover Inlet when a 43 foot Midnight Express stuffed their bow on a massive wave. This beast of a Center Console, with its Quint Set of Mercury Racing 400 outboards, shrugged it off and kept on truckin’. […]

Remember When – 61ft Alabama Sportfish Owner Sinks his boat while drunk

perdido pass

Back in 2007 a Panama City, Florida man strayed from the channel in a brand new sportfish boat while headed to the Orange Beach Classic. He sunk after hitting submerged rocks. While trying to turn into Perdido Pass, Capt. James Cooper misjudged the turn, and reportedly drove the boat over the rock jetties at more […]

How to navigate Haulover Inlet

How to navigate haulover inlet

Why is Haulover Inlet so Dangerous? Are you heading on a cruise that will require you to navigate Haulover Inlet? From The Triton (Nautical News for Captains and Crews): Of more than 60 inlets in Florida, Bakers Haulover Inlet is one that requires experienced local knowledge or just avoid it, say captains in the area. […]

Boating Accidents at the Haulover Inlet

accidents at the haulover inlet

For many boaters, cruising near Miami means one of the region’s most challenging experiences. Boating accidents at the Haulover Inlet are not uncommon. Cruising or Sailing to and through Haulover Inlet. This treacherous waterway has resulted in many bad days and lost boats. If you’re lucky you’ll hit it on one of the very few […]

Tips for running rough inlets

tips for running rough inlets

This video includes some wonderful tips for running rough inlets. For more detailed information about Haulover Inlet click our post about Navigating Haulover Inlet.

Wavy Boats YouTube Videos

newest haulover videos

Looking for the newest Haulover Inlet Videos from Wavy Boats? You’ve come to the right place! Haulover Inlet is one of the best boat watching spots out there. We have all the latest videos aggregated right here on If you’re looking for Haulover Fishing, Haulover Navigation, or Haulover Crashes we have those too! If […]

Yachts at Haulover Sandbar and Haulover Inlet

Yachts At Haulover

Yachts at Haulover sandbar and Inlet are everywhere. The jetties at Haulover Inlet provide the perfect vantage point for spotting yachts. Get a birds eye view and bring your drone out for some grade a yacht-spotting. Charter yachts will take you out to Haulover Sandbar through the inlet and even provide a drone video of […]

Haulover Inlet Fishing

haulover inlet fishing

This is your source for fishing videos from Haulover Beach and the Haulover Inlet area. Looking for places on the shore to go fishing in Miami? Haulover Inlet is a great place to start. Find written tips at Cyberangler. This treacherous Inlet is a great place to fish. Come here for the latest Haulover Inlet […]