August 3, 2021
beached boat at haulover

Boat ramps were opened for just a few hours and we already have a boat fail! We have a beached boat at Haulover Beach!

Wavy Boats was out filming and found out this boat was beached at Haulover Beach. He got his drone up over the action so we can see them attempt to recover the vessel. Looks like they’ll be out there for a while working on this project.

Skip right to this part of the video:

In other interesting segments he caught this Haulover Inlet pastime, kids on the bow with no lifejackets!

Mystery boat at 2:31..can you name this one? Let us know in the comments! I like this style over the more edgy Van Dutch or Vanguard boats.

boat beached at haulover

See the full video here:

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