Multiple people were injured, one seriously, after a 42 foot HCB center console slammed into the Hollywood Jetty at Dania Beach yesterday. The boat crash at Dania Beach State Park totaled the boat, valued at nearly $700,000.

A female passenger was thrown 15 feet, landing on the rocks and injuring her head. She was semi-conscious as she was rushed to a nearby hospital and is in critical condition. Another passenger was also ejected.

The captain and another passenger had to be rescued from the boat and were also taken to the hospital for treatment. All the passengers were allegedly from Indiana.

The 42-foot, $1 million center console will be impounded during the investigation. Police are working to see if alcohol was involved in this boat crash at Dania Beach.

The salvage operation worked to patch the gaping hole in the hull and move the boat off the jetty then tow it to be inspected more closely.

Adding to the complication of freeing the boat was the estimated hundreds of gallons of fuel on the boat and if the hull wasn’t sealed airtight, it could have led to a fuel leak.

Officials were able to repair the hull and safely remove the boat early Tuesday evening.

boat crash at dania beach

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