On a cloudy, stormy, and rough day at Boca Raton Inlet Youtube Channel Wavy Boats was filming the boats coming in from the Atlantic. The mouth of the inlet was extremely rough with huge waves battering the jetties.

This weather didn’t deter fishermen from looking for some snook, tarpon, sheepshead, and spanish mackerel. Some of these fishermen were getting absolutely pounded by the huge waves crashing over the jetty. On the beach side a couple was taking advantage of the waves on their surfboards. Them and a few other experienced surfers were loving the action.

As we watch the video, Wavy Boats explains that he is trying out the Boca Raton Inlet to see how the action is. Haulover Inlet is his typical home base, but this inlet provided plenty of action.

Wavy Boats had the camera on at the right time as a large motoryacht came streaming in, proudly displaying its New England Patriots flag on the bow. (at 1:13 in the video) The yacht looked like an old Hatteras that had been restored, a 55ish foot luxury cruiser. (If you know the boat please let us know!)

This clip will take you right to the point where the yacht is coming in:

The yacht listed dramatically to port as it came into the inlet through the criss cross seas, the captain corrects himself, but must have over-corrected and started heading to the rocks at the jetty! The huge yacht came very close to hitting the rocks and you hear people cry out. The captain is cranking the wheel to port furiously as he works the throttle!

Thankfully the captain effectively completed an emergency stop with seconds to spare. Normally you’d not want to stop too quickly or risk your stern being pushed forward by your own wake, but he appeared to get the boat stopped and in reverse quickly. This stopped his momentum and backed him off the rocks in a hurry. The yacht looked pretty nimble considering its size!

Let us know in the comments what you think went wrong? Was he unfamiliar with the inlet or did he overcorrect after being pushed around by the seas?

The inlets along the Florida Coast, including our own Haulover Inlet, can be very difficult to navigate with strong tides and currents, rough seas, and lots of traffic. Even an experienced captain can get tripped up with the ever changing conditions.

Read this article to learn how to navigate Haulover Inlet, and always be mindful of the current conditions. https://hauloverinlet.com/navigate-haulover-inlet/

Watch this video on tips for rough inlets: https://hauloverinlet.com/running-rough-inlets/

Wavy Boats plans for more videos at Boca Raton Inlet, there was lots of great scenery, great boats, and we enjoyed watching this vidoe…hope you did too.

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