January 18, 2021

Watch as these kids in a Whaler ignore a small craft advisory at Haulover Inlet

boston whaler montauk 17

The waters at Haulover Inlet can truly test a captain’s skills on a normal day so when we see 2 kids taking a small Boston Whaler Montauk 17 out when a small craft advisory is in place, we have to question their thinking. This weekend our area is under a small craft advisory, seas in the Atlantic could reach as high as 11 to 13 feet.

The last time we saw a small boat ignore a small craft advisory was when our old friend Yellow Top Legend went out in extremely rough seas in his Highfield RIB. RIBs are notoriously seaworthy vessels, but as he crested the tall waves his RIB turned into a sail and nearly flipped. Common sense prevailed and he turned back.

This weekend’s advisory

Coastal Flood: Elevated swell and surf will keep High Surf Advisory
conditions for coastal Palm Beach County today.

Waves: Wave heights of 11 to 13 feet are possible over the Gulf
Stream today. A Small Craft Advisory remains in effect for all
Atlantic waters through this afternoon and will continue for the
waters of Palm Beach County through tomorrow.

Wind: Winds across the Atlantic waters of South Florida will be 15
to 20 knots, with higher gusts of 25 knots possible.

Rip currents: There is a High Risk of Rip Currents for all Atlantic
beaches today.

The unsinkable legend

This time around we have 2 young people on a Boston Whaler Montauk 17. Whalers are known as the “unsinkable legend”, we all remember the commercials where they cut them in half.

The boys look to be brothers to me, 1 maybe 15 and the other 12 or 13. The younger is wearing a lifejacket. The Whaler makes its way through the inlet without much trouble, the young captain seems to know what he’s doing as he navigates the swells. As they get out towards the Atlantic they encounter confused seas, conditions without a single, well-defined direction of wave travel. Some of the waves appear to be 3 or 4 feet, nothing too bad, then they hit a wave that has to be 6 or 8 feet and the Whaler launches in to the air.

Eventually after a few more big waves like that they stop and put their bimini top down. The younger boy takes his life jacket off inexplicably and is up walking around the bow. He puts the jacket back on and sits down, the kids give up and come back into the inlet.

Next a Grady White walkaround, looks to be around 25 feet, with 2 outboards heads out. Even this much larger craft is knocked around by the waves. This boat has a baby strapped in the helm seat!

Watch the full video from Wavy Boats here, the Whaler is the 1st boat!

Back again

A while later the Whaler is back with just the older boy at the helm by himself. The seas don’t look as disorganized, but they do seem to have built up now. He goes back out into the heavy seas, but once again common sense prevails and he turns back. I have to wonder if he was trying to get on YouTube or maybe he was “doing it for the ‘gram” as he had his phone out on his way through the inlet!

boston whaler montauk 17

Luckily everything turned out ok for these young men, but you have to wonder what would have happened had they ventured on. If these were my kids I’d want them to wait for a calmer day.

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