Crazy Carnival Cruise Crash in Mexico (say that 5 times fast)

Carnival Cruise’s insurance costs just went up– 2 of their mega-cruiseships allided in Cozumel, Mexico. Guests on several ships were concerned they too would be hit by the ship, passengers could be heard screaming in fear and also screaming to get video!

Carnival Cruise Crash in Mexico
Carnival Glory backed into Carnival Legend as it docked in Cozumel, Mexico

The scary incident happened Friday morning at the Cruise Ship docks in Cozumel, Mexico. Carnival Glory smashed into the pointed bow of the Carnival Legend as it maneuvered toward the docks. The video is wild… watching a fender bender at sea in slow-motion, but unlike your Camry getting a scratch this is causing millions in damage.

The cruise line reported a lone minor injury to a Carnival Glory guest that happened while people in the dining areas were being evacuated.

You may want to check the blood pressure on a passenger on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas — the ship was dangerously close to the collision — one guy aboard panicked they were about to be sunk.

You can hear the passenger yelling, “He’s gonna hit us next!” and demanding his friends shoot video … before they tell him to calm the hell down. I guess he was ready to text Stabinski or Gerson & Schwartz the video and open a case for mental anguish because the panic was a little much.

The footage shows that Glory did come close to slamming into Oasis as well, but eventually got on course and sailed away from the port.

The Carnival Glory departed from New Orleans last Sunday for a 7-night cruise and is scheduled to return this upcoming Sunday. The cruise line says it’s assessing the damage to both of its ships. I’m sure that blood tests are already underway for the Captains and Crew as is typical for this type of situation. Carnival Legend departs from Tampa, FL. No word on damage assessments to the bow of Legend.

Speaking of maritime accidents have you seen the Superyacht Ecstasea as it plowed through the Simpson Bay Bridge Operator’s shack?

The Carnival Glory returned to the docks, the ship will be repaired during her turnaround day and sent back to sea, keep in mind these cruise companies are multi billion dollar operations and can’t afford to have a ship out of the rotation.

The Carnival Glory will be in New Orleans on Sunday Dec. 22, according to a statement from Carnival Cruise Line following the Friday collision between two of its ships.

“The ship is on its way to New Orleans and will dock tomorrow morning to operate your cruise. With the exception of a section in the aft Platinum Dining Room, all features are operating and all activities will be offered, including the Christmas dinner menu we know our guests love,” the company said. “Our team is working hard to complete weather-proofing and cosmetic work to the damaged area in the aft restaurant and this will require that we depart at midnight on Sunday.”

The Carnival Legend returned to Tampa, Florida and the scratches and missing railings were visible on the bow. No word on when repairs would be completed, but we assume it will be done quickly to get the ship back to sea.

Passengers on board the ships felt the impact:

“When we talked to the Carnival Glory passengers, we actually talked to people who were in the dining room, which was hit. The bow of our ship went straight through the dining room. And they say it was mass chaos. And even some of the workers in the dining room were running over people trying to get out because no one had seen anything like this happen before,” described McKenna Morris.

“When the collision happened, I was in the shower. And I thought we had been having high waves and stuff,” Michael Pullum said. “So I figured the waves, but then they went on the loudspeaker and said the other ship had ran into us.”

Here is all the footage we’ve found so far of the Carnival Cruise crash in Mexico, we’ll keep adding video and information as the day goes on…


Carnival Glory and Legend return to port: