Finally, an affordable and portable outrigger solution

the rockport rigger

For years anglers have used outriggers to improve the chances of a fish striking because they allow the angler to cover more ocean space. They also permit the use of multiple lines. Because outriggers allow you to use multiple rods and reels you can maximize the number of baits or lures in the water. There are […]

Possible World Record Shattering Permit caught by Florida Fly Angler

world record permit

A Florida angler’s catch of a massive permit could shatter a world record that has stood for 21 years. Kathryn Vallilee, while fly fishing recently off Key West, landed a 21-pound possible world record permit on 6-pound tippet. If her line-class record application is approved she she will have broken the existing record – set […]

2 fishermen face felony charges after cheating in a fishing tournament

Two fishermen in Utah face criminal charges for cheating in a fishing tournament. The bass fishing tournament took place at Lake Powell. The alleged cheating was pulled off by catching fish from a different lake and using them at the weigh-in, a scheme that tournament officials uncovered because the bass looked different than other fish […]