Finally, an affordable and portable outrigger solution

the rockport rigger

For years anglers have used outriggers to improve the chances of a fish striking¬†because they allow the angler to cover more ocean space. They also permit the use of multiple lines. Because outriggers allow you to use multiple rods and reels you can maximize the number of baits or lures in the water. There are […]

For $2999 is this 23ft Trophy boat a deal or a dud?

trophy boat

Today’s bargain Trophy boat was sent to us by a Facebook follower who has asked to remain nameless. Remember if you see a boat bargain head to this page and submit your find or email us at : Yesterday’s $8,500 Scarab was voted a bargain by 75% of you! Long Live cheap speed! […]

Haulover Inlet Fishing

haulover inlet fishing

This is your source for fishing videos from Haulover Beach and the Haulover Inlet area. Looking for places on the shore to go fishing in Miami? Haulover Inlet is a great place to start. Find written tips at Cyberangler. This treacherous Inlet is a great place to fish. Come here for the latest Haulover Inlet […]