Tom Brady’s yacht ran aground at Haulover

Tom Brady's Yacht

Tom Brady’s yacht, “Viva a Vida”, ran aground today at Haulover Sandbar. In video sent to us by @captaintowboat and @itowboats the 55 foot Dutch Wajer yacht can be seen stuck at the popular sandbar. According to @captaintowboat Tom and his crew declined to pay for a tow off the sandbar and are choosing to […]

Miami Dade Mayor Orders Closure of all boat ramps and marinas (Update)

haulover boat ramp closed

Haulover Marine Center and Haulover Boat Ramp Closed. Update: 3/24/2020 More communities following suit… After announcing last week that all of the public beaches were closing, Manatee County officials announced Tuesday morning during an emergency meeting that public boat ramps would also be closing. Beaches in Manatee County¬†closed to the public at 6am last Friday, […]

Watch this Pontoon Boat stuff its bow at Haulover Inlet

pontoon boat

Haulover Inlet is a tough place to navigate with any boat. The waves can be huge, the currents strong, and the rocks treacherous. Not to mention that the conditions can change within minutes, you take your boat out when its calm and then on the way back in the waves are built up and the […]

Don’t run out of gas in Haulover Inlet

out of gas

Did you spot the other interesting moment in this video? Answer at the end! Lets play Mad Libs…post your answers in the Facebook comments! Click here to skip to the clip Here is an interesting scenario, you have a 20+ foot walkaround that probably has a 100+ gallon fuel tank. The tank is ruined due […]

Overloaded boats+too slow+big waves=trouble

overloaded boats

Amazing how fast conditions can change at Haulover Inlet. This particular day started out with great conditions. Boats were just flying through the inlet on their way in and out of the Atlantic. The scenery is amazing with some great boats cruising by at speed including some overloaded boats headed out to party. We see […]

Yachts at Haulover Sandbar and Haulover Inlet

Yachts At Haulover

Yachts at Haulover sandbar and Inlet are everywhere. The jetties at Haulover Inlet provide the perfect vantage point for spotting yachts. Get a birds eye view and bring your drone out for some grade a yacht-spotting. Charter yachts will take you out to Haulover Sandbar through the inlet and even provide a drone video of […]