Volvo Penta plans to stop the sales and marketing of Seven Marine engines beginning January 1st, 2021, as well as phase out production once customer demand is met. The plan to discontinue Seven Marine production comes after parent company The Volvo Group recently announced their ambitious plan to be a net-zero emissions company by 2050, at the very latest.

The company said in a statement that they will continue to support the current outboard customer base by taking full warranty and parts responsibility for the products that are in the field.

This is the 2nd iconic outboard brand to leave the market this year after BRP discontinued the historic Evinrude Brand.

“We want to send a clear message,” said President of Volvo Penta, Heléne Mellquist. “Volvo Penta does foresee that the outboard segment will continue to be relevant for the Marine Leisure market, but we believe that the indisputable need to drive advancements in sustainable technology must be our main focus. This is why, for the time being, the exploration of new technology together with the development of our core business, such as Volvo Penta IPS and sterndrives, will be the center of our efforts.”

They believe in the greater fuel efficiency and zero emissions available through hybrid, electric, and renewable fuels as the new direction. “Volvo Penta welcomes this increased focus across the Volvo Group. We will support these objectives by intensifying our ongoing efforts and resources towards continued development of sustainable solutions” said Mellquist.

Touted as the “Most advanced outboard motor on the planet”, Seven Marine was founded in 2010 by Eric and Rick Davis. With a proven track record in delivering luxury high performance outboards for the high-end market, Seven Marine produces(d) the most powerful outboard models in the world, running at 557 and 627 hp. The company’s small block V8 engines are fitted horizontally and leverage modern, automotive quality and technology. This included use of fresh-water cooling for enhanced durability and corrosion protection and a supercharger to produce excellent performance.  Thanks to the unmatched horsepower of its outboards, the company met the demand for larger, outboard powered boats. Customers benefit from the ability to go farther, faster and more efficiently, with leading and innovative product style and design.

Seven Marine Discontinued Outboards
The heart of a Seven Marine Outboard is its LSA 6.2L SC V-8 engine built by General Motors 
Listen to a full throttle run with Seven Marine 557 Outboards in this video from our channel

In 2017 Volvo Penta signed an agreement to become the majority owner of the innovative Seven Marine brand. Earlier this year production was moved to Tennessee and the founders of Seven Marine left the company in a move that Volvo Penta called merely coincidental.

The family wanted to make sure that Seven Marine was properly integrated into the Volvo Penta organization before the brothers moved on. “The Davis family has been involved with Seven for 10 years and 2½ with Volvo Penta,” he said. “It gives us the opportunity to step out of the organization with all the pieces in place for Volvo Penta to move forward.”

Volvo Penta and Seven Marine together trained technicians for over a year prior to the transition. Volvo Penta of the Americas worked with Seven Marine employees, helping them relocate to Tennessee or providing severance packages.

At the time Volvo Penta said they’d continue to build and market the 527, 577, and 627-hp outboards. VP of Marine Sales Jens Bering said: “There will be a lot of Seven footprint in what we do”, he added, “Volvo has made significant investments on the parts, service and production side that shows there’s no thought of shutting it down.” Just months later Volvo Penta chooses to discontinue Seven Marine.

Personally I believe this is terrible for the industry, I wish that Volvo Penta could have spun the brand off. I hope someone picks up the ball and shows Volvo Penta that there’s no replacement for displacement.

I chuckled a little when I went to the Seven Marine website and noticed this statement front and center on the homepage:

Discontinue Seven Marine

As for the Davis family, when they left the company they stated that they believe Seven Marine helped launched the wave of large outboards from other manufacturers. “We were at the front end of that and saying this is possible,” “We really enjoyed the thought of driving change in the industry.”

Let us know your thoughts, should Volvo Penta discontinue Seven Marine and explore other fuel sources or is this a big mistake?

Should Volvo Penta discontinue Seven Marine?