The recipe that gets Haulover Inlet so much attention on social media and YouTube is as follows: Big Waves+Crazy Captains+Bikinis+Big Yachts. Filming Haulover Inlet has become a full time job for several YouTubers.

The Atlantic meeting Biscayne Bay at Bal Harbour generates strong currents, big waves, confused seas, and this causes chaos and a bit of drama that we all love to watch. Boat Snaps is one of the more popular channels that films Haulover Inlet. Recently they put together a compilation of some of their favorite moments.

Whether its the overloaded boats or small boats ignoring warnings, there’s always something worth checking out. Watch the video below for some great clips, you’ll see some of the good and the bad all backed up with the beautiful scenery we love. Check out all their videos on the Boat Snaps Channel!

Learn how to navigate Haulover Inlet here: