We’ve all been there…sipping your mimosa after a nice brunch on your Pershing Yacht. Sunning on the stern deck with friends, enjoying each other’s company, discussing your latest victory on the tennis court. As you finish your story you hear someone crying out in the distance, he interrupts you as you are telling them about the improvements you’ve made to your serve. You look over the side and see a fisherman on a small rubber dinghy, too small to be a tender on your luxury machine.

Its a troubling sign when you can’t run your luxury yacht at wide open throttle through Haulover Inlet Government Cut without someone getting in your way. Why can’t they just find somewhere else to be, away from your view. Why hasn’t the Coast Guard cleared the inlet for your arrival? As the plebs below wave frantically and brace for the impact of your wake you smile wryly as they pass by in a flash. Who is ready for a cool towel and a Mojito?

Youtube channel Yachting Hub Miami caught the beautiful display of capitalism above.

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