Gov. Ron Desantis has issued a mandatory stay at home order for the entire State of Florida. The Florida Stay at Home order goes into effect on Thursday at Midnight, so just hours from now.

DeSantis made the announcement during a press conference Wednesday afternoon.

Facing more pressure from state legislators that he should shutdown the state, DeSantis said Wednesday that he made the move in accordance with the new guidance from the Trump Administration, which calls for people to practice social distancing through at least April 30.

The order mandates that Floridians stay at home and “limit movements and personal interactions outside the home” to essential services or activities. He says the order is in place for 30 days. DeSantis said the state would follow the guidelines outlined by the Department of Homeland Security.

Several other counties that have enacted their own stay at home orders defined essential activies as going to and from work, going to get food, going to the bank and going to the grocery store.

Statement from Florida Agriculture Commissioner:

“When I called for this stay-at-home order nearly two weeks ago, there was a reason. It was necessary to flatten the curve and save lives. I said then I would stand with the Governor when he issued the order, and I do so now. Thank you, Governor, for making the right call. Together, we will fight this virus and preserve the state we love.”

In Texas the Governor ruled Fishing and Hunting as essential activities, no word yet on how the Florida stay at home order will treat these activities. In many counties the boat ramps and marinas are closed, but fishing from shore in many spots was allowed as long as social distancing requirements were met.

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