This is your source for fishing videos from Haulover Beach and the Haulover Inlet area. Looking for places on the shore to go fishing in Miami? Haulover Inlet is a great place to start. Find written tips at Cyberangler. This treacherous Inlet is a great place to fish. Come here for the latest Haulover Inlet fishing news and videos. Youtube has an endless source of Hanover Inlet fishing videos and they’re all here.

Fishing on Haulover Inlet will produce some incredible results. Whether you’re on the Jetty or you’re on a boat you can catch some great fish. Some of the species caught at Haulover Inlet include sailfish, sharks, blackfin tuna, barracuda, and much more! Haulover Inlet is the pathway to many species of gamefish and a great day on the water. Check out our post about Navigating Haulover Inlet to ensure a safe passage.

Whether you are fishing on land or on the water Haulover can produce some amazing catches. Follow this page for the latest videos from Haulover Inlet.

Want to take a guided trip? Check out fishing booker for charters and guided trips.

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