September 16, 2021

Monster waves at Haulover Inlet! Check out the onboard footage!

YouTube channel Wavy Boats was out at the inlet and caught some beautiful Haulover Inlet footage in some ugly weather! Even on the bigger boats the passengers and crews were getting thrown around!

Here are some of the highlights:

1:04 One of my faves…Midnight Express 43! Just dances over the smaller waves, handles the big ones too! Remember the story of the unsinkable Midnight Express?

1:44 Therapy IV getting low

therapy iv sportfish haulover inlet footage

2:52 Numarine 65 Yacht – cruising into the inlet with a line just hanging off his wave runner. Lucky he didn’t end up like this guy or this guy! Or even worse like the guy who wrecked his Sunseeker on the rocks, allegedly from a loose line or cord that fouled his props.

4:23 Old Hat Fishing’s Hatteras Sportfish – including some onboard footage looking over the bow of this classic boat. Check them out on their website.

6:22 Check out the Midnight Express coming back from the Atlantic and playing around a bit in the waves. You’ll see him go wide as he comes back into the inlet then picks up speed as the seas settle down.

Want to see more Haulover Inlet Footage from Wavy Boats? Check out this classic video, featuring the woman who gets tossed from her seat and soaked on a rough day!