This HCB Estrella 65 is a $3m center console with $450,000 of outboards! 3135 horsepower Its the most powerful outboard equipped boat you can buy

The HCB Estrella 65 is an amazing center console. Billed as the world’s largest center console this amazing machine is equipped with 5 7 marine 627 outboards. That’s the most outboard horsepower on any production boat in the world (3135 total horsepower)!

The 7 Marine 627 outboard features a supercharged small block V8 that puts out, you guessed it, 627 horsepower! 7 Marine offers a variety of color and lighting customization options to match your hull. The HCB 65 featured here is decked out in a blue and white color scheme with contrasting white and blue 627 outboards.

Listen to the boat at WOT:

Youtube channel Livin off the Land got an up close look at the HCB Estrella 65 at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show! They looked at the blue and white example and a black and white one too. They allowed them to film around the boats and check out some of the details. They were nice enough to fire up the outboards on both for your viewing pleasure!

Click here to skip to 2:08

Sounds like fun!

Here it is all lit up at night:

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