Watch as this Hellkat Powerboat smashes a Spotted Eagle Ray at speed!

Today we have a unique video from Haulover Inlet. Scroll down to skip ahead to the video of the spotted eagle ray!

The YouTube channel Wavy Boats was out filming on a beautiful day, there were some amazing boats out there. At 3:13 we see a Tiara 3700 Open, at 4:01 a beautiful orange Deep Impact 36 with triple 350s, and at 7:57 a stunning Pershing 70! You’ll see some serious speed out there too with the Hellkat, a Skater, and what looks like an MTI. These are just some of our favorites, but there are many more amazing boats cruising on this afternoon.

Spotted Eagle Ray

There have been a few incidents in South Florida involving rays impacting boats and/or their passengers! The most notorious incident involved a Michigan woman on a boat in the Florida Keys, the massive ray leaped out of the water and impacted her in the head killing the woman and the ray. Google “Spotted Eagle Ray impacts boat” and you’ll find several stories. There was a study done that said the Rays go into “flee” mode upon hearing engine noise, true or not these majestic animals seem to get in the way of boats quite frequently around here.

Back to today’s video, we see a Hellkat powerboat coming into the inlet at speed. The Hellkat is based on the original Jay Pillini Spectre Cat Hull and is powered by twin Mercury 400r outboards. This combo can do 115+ mph according to this listing. Skip to the bottom for more info on the Hellkat.

As the Hellkat comes into the inlet a Spotted Eagle Ray leaps up just inside the tunnel on the cat hull. It quickly folds its wings and is then impacted by the hull at speed and is knocked under the boat. Hopefully the ray survived this hit!

Here’s the full video, starting when the Hellkat comes into view (2:11)

Click the listing below to check out what appears to be this exact boat for sale!

Hellkat Powerboat Description

The 2020 HellKat Powerboat is based on the original Jay Pillini Spectre Cat Hull leveraging a hand layup schedule that combines the best materials available including and not limited to Kevlar, Carbon Fiber, Vinylester Resin, and Divinycell foam core. With some modifications and refinements, the 2020 Hellkats is one of the fastest catamarans in her class. No expense has been spared in the building of this beauty. 

This particular HellKat powerboat is powered with twin Mercury Racing 400R’s with Tie-Bar and will run a solid 115mph+ with minimal effort. Her construction was built to last. Whether you are just running around or racing, the HellKats 30 provides unparalleled performance with an exceptional fit and finish.  This HellKats 30 comes with 5 Blade Cleaver machined props, Garmin GPS, VesselView, LED Navigation lights. LED Courtesy lights, Fusion radio with JL Audio Speakers, Underwater LED Lights. Custom double-stitched interior, SeaDeck flooring tie together this smoking fast & sexy cat.

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