September 16, 2021

Kids get the ride of their lives on this Nor-Tech boat

mercury 350 outboard equipped nor-tech boat

Today we bring you another amazing video from Wavy Boats! Watch as this Mercury 350 outboard equipped Nor-tech boat takes on Haulover Inlet like its a no wake zone! One of the most common mistakes we see from Captains navigating Haulover Inlet is not using their boat’s power effectively. There’s that safe zone between too slow and too fast that you want to be in during conditions like this.

The boat in question is a big Nor-Tech center console with 3 Mercury 350 outboard engines, perfectly capable of handling the conditions. If this was a smaller boat the situation could have been much worse.

mercury 350 outboard engines on a nor-tech

Rid of their lives

The Nor-Tech is the first boat in the video, the boat has 3 kids riding up front in the bow seats plus 2 adults standing at the helm. Just adding to the danger is the fact that no one onboard is wearing a PFD. The kids feel the impact from the first wave and yell with delight. Soon after the 2nd big wave hits the boat and again they’re having fun, the mother looks anxious and she appears to be on the verge of moving towards the bow, almost instinctively. Then they hit the 3rd wave and the bow is completely stuffed! A wall of water knocks the kids right out of their seats! Thankfully they land inside the boat!

The slow-mo tells the story best, the kids and their mother are tossed around like nothing by the wave’s impact and wall of water. The wave even comes through to the console and soaks the dad/captain!

Watch the rest of the video for even more great footage from Wavy Boats!

Situations like this keep the cameras rolling at Haulover Inlet! Haulover is the perfect combination of beautiful boats, beautiful people, questionable seamanship, wide open throttles, and massive waves. It makes for one exciting place to be!