April 15, 2021
miami boat show poker run

The Miami Boat Show Poker Run was in full swing and YouTube channel Wavy Boats was on hand to catch all the action!

For the uninitiated I’ll start with “What is a poker run”?

This sums it up, from Discover Boating:

But what if, they surmised, the long ride had several stops and at each stop participants picked up a playing card before riding to the next one—all with the goal of coming away with best five-card stud poker hand in the group? And what if the holder of that hand—or the top three holders of the top three hands—came away with some kind of prize?

Would that add to enhance the fun of the rally? The answer was a definitive yes and the popularity of motorcycle rallies with poker-run format skyrocketed. So it was only natural they would find their way into the go-fast powerboating world, and that was exactly what happened in the early 1990s when Canadian Bill Taylor founded Poker Runs America and launched a series of events. By the end of the decade, Stu Jones, another Canadian who had immigrated to the United States, founded the Florida Powerboat Club, which launched its own series of poker runs.

The Florida Powerboat Club is still thriving—as you’d guess from the name of the outfit—all of its poker runs are in the Sunshine State.

The Miami Boat Show Poker Run features all the biggest names in the performance powerboat industry. The event kicks off after the Miami International Boat Show. The boats leave from the Haulover Marine Center and head out to the Atlantic via Haulover Inlet.

For this year’s Poker Run we have 3 things that make for amazing footage, a nice chop on the water, a chopper filming chasing and filming, and serious horsepower. We won’t go through each boat here, just click on the video below and enjoy! Let us know which was your favorite!

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