This past week YouTube Channel Livin Off The Land was out capturing footage of the horsepower flying through Haulover Inlet when a 43 foot Midnight Express stuffed their bow on a massive wave. This beast of a Center Console, with its Quint Set of Mercury Racing 400 outboards, shrugged it off and kept on truckin’.

The Midnight Boats Express 43 is an absolute legend of a boat. Its class leading 12’6″ beam combined with a twin-step hull, weight saving construction technologies and high-tech materials, the 43′ Open is a game changer of a boat. This exceptionally dry boat is easy enough to operate for 1 person or to bring along all your friends, 10 of them in the case of the green 43 featured in this video. Used examples of this boat with 5 outboards approach $800,000, here is a 2016 Midnight Express 43 with 5 400 Mercury Outboards for $799,000. This boat is a beast, with a beast of a price tag.

Midnight Boats says that when powered by Quad Mercury 350HP Verado’s, the boat can do speeds in excess of 75MPH with fuel efficiency of over 1.2 miles per gallon at 40MPH. The manufacturer say that with the only 2 lever throttle setup, Quint engine setups are becoming synonymous with Midnight Express. That’s the case here, and with 5 Mercury Racing 400s we can only imagine what kind of speed she can achieve. Certainly the 2000 horsepower set up on this Midnight Express helped them to power through this Haulover Inlet swamping.

Hope you brought spare clothes

As the Captain of this boat flies through Haulover Inlet he stuffs the bow into a wave and the boat is completely swamped. I hope his friends brought their wetsuits! The Lime Green Midnight Express with its 2000hp powers through the wave and quickly recovers, the Captain and his passengers cheering and waving at the cameras triumphantly, no doubt fueled by the adrenaline of the absolute soaking they just endured.

Check out the video for yourself! Skip to 2:57!