The captain of a commercial Squid fishing vessel was arrested on suspicion of BUI after crashing his trawler into a rock jetty at the U.S. Coast Guard Station in Monterey, California Saturday evening. The Monterey boat crash was caught on camera, the full video was shared with us by the camera man and posted to our recent boat fails video on YouTube.

Video shared with us by Jon Borello

The unidentified captain was detained by Coast Guard personnel who witnessed the incident. The Coast Guard then turned him over to Monterey police who made the arrest and processed the suspect, both police and the Coast Guard said.

Lt. Shane Gunderson with Coast Guard Station Monterey said USCG personnel witnessed the crash at 8 p.m. Saturday. Military law enforcement detained the suspect before turning him over to police.

The vessel is a 30-foot squid boat, only one person was aboard the vessel as it crashed into the jetty. As onlookers approached with cameras in hand the Captain quickly reversed the trawler off the rocks. There were no serious injuries to the captain and the vessel was able to clear itself from the rocks and return to the harbor under its own power. The trawler did not appear to slow down at all as it ran into the jetty, but the commercial vessel’s hull was strong enough to withstand the impact with the rocks.

The Coast Guard spokesman could provide no further details since there are federal charges pending and the investigation is ongoing.

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