Today we share a compilation of fast boats and big waves! At Haulover Inlet we see plenty of smaller boats stuff their bow into a wave, this typically doesn’t work out for them.

Remember this small walk-around that is overloaded and navigating at the wrong speed:

The video we share today features some boats that pack major horsepower, enough horsepower to power right through most situations. The passengers and boat might get soaked or swamped, but they’re back on plane in a heartbeat, water draining behind them.

To me the highlight of today’s video is the bright orange Nor-Tech boat with what looks like Quad 400 outboards. This Nor-tech boat looks like its cutting right through the waves until it stuffs the bow and soaks its passengers and crew. The boat powers right through the wave and continues at speed. This boat better perform with a value of nearly $800,000 used!

Check out the clip starting at 7:07!

Some other highlights from this clip compilation include a Midnight Express stuffing its bow (we’ve written on this one before) and the numerous cats at speed! My absolute favorite is the Outer Limits pictured below! What an insane machine! What is your favorite?

nor-tech boats and outer limits boats