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Here is an interesting scenario, you have a 20+ foot walkaround that probably has a 100+ gallon fuel tank. The tank is ruined due to ______________ and you don’t have ________ to fix it. Then your buddy ________ comes up with a great idea, grab a 6 gallon portable tank for $47 on Amazon and rig it up! At ______ gallons per hour you decide you can still take that trip out to the sandbar if you grab your spare gas cans. Should be easy to top off at sea, no big deal.

How it actually went: you left Biscayne Bay and proceed through Haulover Inlet towards the Atlantic. Just as you leave the inlet and head out towards the Sandbar the engine starts to sputter and dies. You grab your spare gas can as the boat floats aimlessly in the waves. You are barely able to keep your balance as the boat rocks back and forth. Half the can ends up in the __________. Back behind the helm the old, _________ Johnson cranks back to life and you’re off to the Sandbar!

The other interesting moment in this video was at 2:01. The Deep Impact center console comes flying into the inlet with its anchor loose! The anchor isn’t stowed away and is clanking against the hull!

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