Watch this guy ride his stand up paddleboard at Haulover Inlet (with his dog onboard)

We frequently post videos and stories that display how rough, dangerous, and exciting Haulover Inlet can be. Its true Haulover Inlet has lots of risks and there are always crazy boaters, PWC riders, and beach goers who make camera worthy content…but there are some pretty awesome things happening too!

Today we talk about paddleboard guy, this guy shows up in several videos on his paddleboard at Haulover Inlet…with his pup on the board! Fighting the current, the waves, the boat traffic…he ignores it all and just keeps paddling! The video below is one of the best as it shows his whole journey through the inlet.

I haven’t been able to find his story online, if anyone knows him we’d love to do an interview and thank him for showing us some true skills on the waves! The footage in the video embedded below is amazing, as we watch the whole 8 minute video YouTube channel Livin off the Land keeps panning back to the paddleboarder. He is slowed to a near standstill several times by the current and looks like he is going to have to give up, but he just keeps on paddlin’. No lifejacket, dog on the board, nice bit of chop out there, but he keeps on going and gets to safety. I’ve seen him out there several times so I figured he’d make it, but it sure looked tough.

Check out the video for yourself! There is also plenty of other action to keep you entertained along the way!

He makes his first appearance here at 0:49 in the video

My wife is so scared for the dog (the pup has a lifejacket, but there’s so much boat traffic)! I was amazed that he can do this, what did you think watching the video? Would you ride a paddleboard at Haulover Inlet?

This guy on a paddleboard had more success than the kid behind the wheel of this $300,000 center console.