Pontoon boats are a lot of fun, but they are very susceptible to fails. The nice thing is pontoons are also hard to sink! So nothing too tragic happens with pontoon boat fails and everyone gets to laugh about it afterward.

0:00 pontoon fishermen get swamped

0:24 dog and friends take a wave to the chin

0:37 some guys get to work on a pontoon all day in a swamp…

1:36 group gets destroyed by a wave – everyone’s ok

2:18 dude absolutely stuffs his pontoon in a wave

2:28 hero dad gets his swamped pontoon back to land

3:01 wave rips the door off this pontoon

3:48 guy store his pontoon wrong and pays the price

5:08 raising the dead…pontoon

7:42 PORD – Pontoon On Road Dead

Check out this video for some great laughs! Remember don’t take your pontoon through Haulover Inlet, especially when its choppy…more video on that later. For now check out this compilation of some of the funniest pontoon boat fails we’ve seen!