Another day, another crazy PWC rider at Haulover Inlet. Youtube Channel Zip Zap Power was there to catch the action. There have been several PWC accidents at Haulover Inlet caught on video recently!

Hang on tight!

A couple on a Yamaha Waverunner are cruising at full speed down the inlet with no sign of slowing down. This guy was trouble from the moment he appears on camera. You could hear several bystanders on the jetty audibly gasp as he flies through the inlet with the Yamaha running wide open. The inlet had a nice chop going on and at that speed he doesn’t have much time to react to the bigger waves. As he leaves the smoother waters near the bridge he gets to the waves at the mouth of the inlet. The PWC and his girlfriend are hanging on for dear life. Amazingly he doesn’t let up at all and keeps pounding through the waves.

pwc accidents at haulover inlet

We are all watching as his girlfriend’s grip is pried from around his waist by the rough ride. The guy keeps the throttle pinned as the PWC is rocked on wave after wave. Eventually she can’t hang on any longer, after several big impacts with the waves she is thrown over the side and he keeps going. He doesn’t seem to notice her fall at first, he finally turns back and starts looking for her. As you’re watching the video you get a sinking feeling as she’s nowhere to be found, then the camera pans left and you see her. He almost looks irritated that she’s fallen off! Its guys like this that cause the PWC accidents at Haulover Inlet.

Check out the full video here or click here to skip ahead (2:17):

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