For years anglers have used outriggers to improve the chances of a fish striking because they allow the angler to cover more ocean space. They also permit the use of multiple lines. Because outriggers allow you to use multiple rods and reels you can maximize the number of baits or lures in the water.

There are downsides to outriggers, they are typically a permanent addition to your boat, they can cost upwards of 5 thousand dollars, and they reduce your ability to navigate covered slips or other obstacles.

What if there was a product that gave you the benefit of outriggers without the hassle or expense? Well now there is an affordable, portable outrigger solution on the market, its called the Rockport Rigger™.

The Rockport Rigger™ fits into a portable case when not in use, but when you head out on the water to troll for some fish you can assemble and start using it in just a few minutes. The Rockport Rigger™ is made from the same material as bulletproof glass and comes with the same AFTCO line release you use with full size outriggers, this thing is made to last and can take the abuse of a day fishing offshore.

The Rockport Rigger™ was designed by a serious fisherman for the serious fisherman. Too many times, we’ve seen modified mockups and duct taped PVC pipe to try and add fishing lines. The Rockport Rigger™ is an elegant, effective, and innovative outrigger solution designed to utilize existing 30 DEGREE rod holders without having to do any haphazard modifications to your boat.  The Rockport Rigger™ is made from ultra light and durable glass-filled polycarbonate, and assembles in under two minutes with no tools required.

Slide the Rockport Rigger ™ into any 30 DEGREE rod holder, attach the line clip, and connect the line. In three fast and easy steps, you’re ready to use more lines and catch more fish. The Rockport Rigger ™ extends up to 48″ away from the boat with an optional extender arm for more options and flexibility.

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the rockport rigger

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Traditional outriggers are expensive, difficult to maintain, and limit the use of your boat. The Rockport Rigger™ offers you many of the same benefits of traditional outriggers at a fraction of the cost, maintenance, and hassle. Order yours today to take advantage of our bonus offer, pick up a pair and save even more!