This Sunseeker Manhattan yacht is heading out through Haulover Inlet on a grey and gloomy day. This time of year the Inlet can be very unpredictable, YouTube channel Livin off the Land caught several boats navigating the Inlet on this rough afternoon. The Sunseeker, probably full of pleasure seekers, has a rough start to their afternoon.

The Captain of this Sunseeker is piloting his yacht from the open flybridge. We think this is a Sunseeker Manhattan yacht (if you know what model this is let us know in the comments!), the open flybridge exposing the captain and some of his passengers to the spray and the elements! As he pushes onward through the waves you can see he’s being tossed around and has to work to stay upright! He can’t throttle back as he has to have both hands on the wheel of this big boat. As the yacht passes by the camera spots what appears to be a woman and child huddled by the cabin doors to stay dry and safe!

Finally the captain gets through the worst of it, appears to throttle back a bit and heads away from the jetty and the worst appears to be over. This day is not your typical sunny warm Miami boating day, but when you get an opportunity to head out on a big Sunseeker you take it! A Sunseeker in the 50 foot range can be anywhere from $500 thousand to $1.5 million dollars and maybe more (used of course), a day on one of these luxury cruisers is not something you say no to, even when its cloudy. Here is a similar example, a 2018 Manhattan 52 model, for sale in New York for $1,399,999!

Check out the rest of the video for more boats on this sketchy rough day at Haulover Inlet. See the full video below! Fast forward to 6:00 to see the Sunseeker.