Man pumps 30 gallons of fuel into his rod holder

man pumps fuel in his rod holder

n. 28 (UPI) — Firefighters in Florida sent a hazmat team to a gas station where a man filling up his boat confused a fishing pole holder for the gas tank. Orange County Fire Rescue said the customer at 7-11 in Orlando, Florida was planning to fuel up his SeaHunt Center Console about 11:30am on Monday when […]

2 Cruise ships damaged in Cozumel – Click for all the best crash angles

carnival cruise crash in Mexico

Crazy Carnival Cruise Crash in Mexico (say that 5 times fast) Carnival Cruise’s insurance costs just went up– 2 of their mega-cruiseships allided in Cozumel, Mexico. Guests on several ships were concerned they too would be hit by the ship, passengers could be heard screaming in fear and also screaming to get video! The scary […]

Capsized boat found near Haulover Inlet – 2 boaters missing, 1 rescued

boaters missing

Sad news this week from Haulover Inlet. Two boaters missing after their center console capsized have not been found. 1 passenger on the boat was rescued from Biscayne Bay. The boat was recovered at Haulover Inlet. Two missing boaters who departed from a Key Largo dock last Thursday are a man and woman from Naples, […]

Bottoms Up! Haulover is a bad place to turtle your Sea-Doo

sea doo accident

On some days at Haulover Inlet PWCs (personal watercraft) are as plentiful as the waves. On this particular day the tide was low and we had some novice riders out on a Sea-Doo PWC. Novice riders plus low tide are a recipe for a Sea Doo accident. When the water is shallow and you’re at […]