Superyacht Ecstasea Crushes Simpson Bay Bridge Operator’s shack!

superyacht ecstasea

The Superyacht Ecstasea was going through the Simpson Bay Bridge in St Maarten when a hatch that was left open smashed into the bridge operator’s shack, knocking it into the water. The bridge operator thankfully was not in the shack, he was just outside wincing as his office crumbled. Serving as a gateway to the […]

Sunseeker Yacht in very rough seas at Haulover Inlet

sunseeker manhattan

This Sunseeker Manhattan yacht is heading out through Haulover Inlet on a grey and gloomy day. This time of year the Inlet can be very unpredictable, YouTube channel Livin off the Land caught several boats navigating the Inlet on this rough afternoon. The Sunseeker, probably full of pleasure seekers, has a rough start to their […]

Yachts at Haulover Sandbar and Haulover Inlet

Yachts At Haulover

Yachts at Haulover sandbar and Inlet are everywhere. The jetties at Haulover Inlet provide the perfect vantage point for spotting yachts. Get a birds eye view and bring your drone out for some grade a yacht-spotting. Charter yachts will take you out to Haulover Sandbar through the inlet and even provide a drone video of […]