What is Haulover Inlet? Baker’s Haulover Inlet is a man-made channel in Miami-Dade County, Florida connecting the northern end of Biscayne Bay with the Atlantic Ocean, at coordinates 25°53′59″N 80°07′26″W. The inlet was cut in 1925 through a narrow point in the sand between the cities of Bal Harbour and Sunny Isles. It is the location of an official nude beach, recreation areas and marina in the 99-acre Haulover Park. A fixed bridge carries SR A1A across the inlet.
The name is reported to have appeared on maps as early as 1823.[1]
There is a State of Florida Historical Landmark Marker (over 50 years old) at the original Lighthouse Dock site dedicated on February 21, 2004, to the first charter-boat captains at the 1926-1951 dock. It is the only marker in the State of Florida for a fishing dock.

Haulover Inlet has recently achieved greater notoriety through the efforts of several camera men and women filming the different boats going through this rough waterway. The giant waves, expensive boats, and beautiful people make for very interesting content. Channels such as Wavy Boats and Haulover post videos on a regular basis that showcase what makes Haulover Inlet part of the reason the Miami boating scene is the best in the world!

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How many people film at the inlet?

At any given time there can be up to seven people filming. Tune in to Boat Snaps or Haulover and see why millions of people are addicted to Haulover Inlet content!

Where do they film from?

Typically the videos are filmed from the Bal Harbour side of the channel on a jetty that juts out into the Atlantic Ocean. If you’re on a boat you’ll often see several people filming, especially on rough or busy days at the inlet.

What makes Haulover Inlet so interesting?

Its unique characteristics make this channel difficult to navigate, when you are navigating Haulover Inlet you must be aware of currents, waves, other boats, rocks, jetskis, and even kayaks! The proximity to dangerous conditions, million dollar boats, and many people makes every moment interesting.