Youtube Channel ZipZap Power was out at Haulover Inlet filming on a normal day with some light chop. As usual there were PWC riders everywhere taking advantage of the beautiful weather.

2 guys are taking advantage of the break in traffic to do some full throttle runs into the chop at the mouth of the inlet. The 1st rider is on a neon yellow Yamaha Waverunner. The 2nd rider is on a slightly larger Yamaha in blue. 1st pass goes smoothly, the yellow waverunner and the blue take a few jumps, but blue guy takes it easy on the throttle when he gets to the rough stuff.

2nd pass the 2 riders are side by side getting some nice air off the choppy seas. The guy on the blue Waverunner hits a wave and gets a little more air than he bargained for. His PWC launches further this time landing on the crest of the next wave towards the stern of the Yamaha. The force on the stern causes the bow of the Yamaha Waverunner to crash down hard. The impact sends the poor rider (what appears to be) chest first into the handlebars!

See the full video here…skip to 2:09

Be careful out there guys and gals!

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