For many boaters, cruising near Miami means one of the region’s most challenging experiences. Boating accidents at the Haulover Inlet are not uncommon. Cruising or Sailing to and through Haulover Inlet. This treacherous waterway has resulted in many bad days and lost boats.

If you’re lucky you’ll hit it on one of the very few days during the year when no wind or weather is stirring, and at slack tide. Aboard a big boat you’ll wonder what all the fuss is about. On a small sailboat with an underpowered engine it can be a white knuckle ride.

Even large boats run into trouble in Haulover Inlet. Look at the large power boat on video embedded on the post How to navigate Haulover Inlet. The larger craft have a better chance of surviving trouble, but still face challenges.

Large Power boats have fewer problems traversing the inlet, but it is still a challenge to navigate the channels and buoys marking the channels. Especially when the tide is on the move. The buoys can be misleading when pushed by the tide. Look online or head to our tide page to find the Haulover Inlet tide charts, be sure to pay close attention!

A careful boater paying close attention to the tides, landmarks, Miami weather conditions, and their boat’s operation can often get right through the inlet. Sometimes bad luck, mechanical failures, traffic, unforeseen weather, and other conditions can ruin a boater’s day. The embarrassment, financial cost, and potential injuries that accidents at Haulover Inlet can make some boaters go out of their way to avoid this waterway.


This NOAA booklet chart has some information about traversing Haulover Inlet.

This Waterway guide navigation alert has updated information from 2018.

The internet is your friend, check our site or NOAA or Coast Guard warnings before leaving. Keep reading to see some of the accidents at Haulover Inlet.

Recent accidents at the Haulover Inlet

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