A Florida man found at sea clinging to his capsized vessel had ventured more than 80 miles offshore.

From USCG Southeast:

Stuart Bee was recovered by the 225-meter motor vessel, Angeles. The crew spotted the man clinging to the bow of the vessel, took him aboard and will transport him to shore. Bee’s vessel became disabled Saturday after suffering mechanical issues.

He was woken abruptly sometime after midnight Sunday when water rushed into the forward cabin and pushed him out of the front hatch of the vessel. After sunrise he noticed the motor vessel Angeles in the distance, removed his shirt and began waving to gain the attention of the crew. Thank you to all mariners who were on the lookout and especially the motor vessel Angeles for rescuing Mr. Bee.

The Coast Guard had been searching for signs of the boater since he was reported missing on Saturday morning.

Bee had left Cape Marina Friday on his 32 foot Sea Ray but the person who reported him missing grew worried since he had not returned the next day and typically didn’t stay out at sea overnight.

U.S. Coast Guard personnel — including a C-130 aircraft crew — searched for the Bee and his boat Sunday morning across a large area offshore of Brevard County.

His condition wasn’t immediately known.

Capt. Mark Vlaun, the commanding officer of the Coast Guard’s Jacksonville sector, thanked everyone involved in the rescue mission.

“Saving lives at sea is our highest calling,” Vlaun said in a statement. “This is a truly incredible outcome that demonstrates the bond among all mariners and our community.”

“It’s an amazing story. We’re just very thankful for the motor vessel Angeles and their entire crew for keeping a sharp lookout,” Petty Officer Micallef said.

“And we’re just very thankful, especially during this holiday season, that we can bring this man home to his family,” he said.

Micallef said Coast Guard officials had issued an “enhanced group call” — a transmission intended for larger vessels transiting the area — to look out for Bee and his Sea Ray.

The Coast Guard stated there were a few things that could have made the search a little easier.

“He had not filed a float plan or provided any information about where he was headed, it was an incredibly large search area,” said Commander Jillian Lamb.

Bee is lucky to be alive, if I were him I’d run out and buy a lotto ticket as soon as I’m back on Terra Firma!

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Florida man found at sea clinging to capsize boat:

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