A massive accident was captured on camera today in Busan, South Korea. A container ship “bumped” into multiple gantry cranes and another ship. The accident took a gantry crane down, the crane then crashed down on the stern of the massive ship.

The surveillance shows the Milano Bridge ship approaching coming into the port at Busan escorted by tugs. The slow moving ship appears to hit the gantry crumbling it like a toy, the crane then collapses on to the stern of the Milano Bridge ship.

More cranes were damaged along with another ship, the Seaspan Ganges.  Amazingly no injuries were reported.

Check out video of the incident below:

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The incident follows last year’s accident in Busan. Russian cargo ship sailing under the direction of an intoxicated captain smashed into a bridge near the Busan during afternoon rush hour on Thursday, the incident damaged the vessel and tore a hole in the bridge’s steel structure. The vessel was later detained by the Korean Coast Guard after fleeing the scene.

The 370ft Seagrand was headed to its home port of Vladivostok, Russia carrying 3 million pounds of steel coils. The ship only made it a couple miles before making an inexplicable turn and heading straight for the bridge. The bridge, the Gwangan, is the second longest span in the country.