On this day the waves at Haulover Inlet were challenging, but most were handling them with care, respect, and good seamanship. Someone always has to provide a little drama though! This beautiful day in Miami turns into a white knuckle ride for a group of young people on a nice boat.

YouTube Channel Livin off the Land was out filming on this particular day at Haulover Inlet. The Inlet was rough and best left to experienced captains.

At the beginning of the video you’ll notice a group of young people on a beautiful Statement 35 Center Console with dual 350 Mercury Outboards. The boat is finished in a beautiful copper color. As they’re making their way through the inlet they appear to be handling the following seas with skill, they did come close to stuffing the bow, but he seemed to correct speed and get out of a jam. The group heads into Biscayne Bay.

Continue watching the video and you’ll see a large Mako Center Console (1:30) handle following seas with skill, but with a less experienced captain at the wrong speed this could turn into a mess or worse a tragedy. (See the “stuffed” videos we frequently talk about) You also can’t miss the synchronized waverunner routine. (1:35)

Later we see a large yacht heading out of the inlet, it looks kind of like a Sunseeker. If you know what this one is drop the name in the comments! This poor chap had to leave his seat and get serious about piloting his yacht as the waves at Haulover Inlet become more intense.

waves at Haulover Inlet - yacht pushes through the mouth of the inlet

Now for the drama

The camera pans back to the Statement 35 as it heads out of Biscayne Bay towards the ocean. (9:31) Right away you notice that he doesn’t seem quite ready for the large swells that have built up.

The Statement is pitching up and down like he isn’t quite at the right speed for the conditions. As he leaves the inlet and heads toward the Atlantic the waves really pick up. The boat is rocked by several large waves and the guy at the helm doesn’t seem to sure of himself. Then he makes the huge mistake of turning to starboard. There is a huge wave abaft the port beam. (sorry for getting very nautical there) He turned so the waves are hitting the left side of the boat! The wave impact nearly knocks one of his standing mates over, the stern of the boat is swamped by the wave coming over the side. The boat is rocked a few more times, in fact the helm storage locker door is ripped open from the impacts. Eventually he is past the worst of the waves and he is able to pick up speed and get away.

This could have been tragic for these young boaters. Thankfully they escaped with only a few stress cracks in their beautiful new boat. (maybe:))

Watch for another minute or two and see a guy in a SeaRay cabin cruiser do the same thing, albeit with a less dramatic result!

Hang on until the end for some dramatic drone footage, including some footage of the Statement 35 as it originally came into the inlet. There is also a beautiful older Sportfish!

waves at Haulover Inlet

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