Dramatic video from our neighbors to the north at Boynton Inlet as this dive boat Captain is thrown overboard by a massive wave!

As the boat takes the wave to its port side you can hear bystanders yelling out that “he’s (captain) in the tower”. The Captain was piloting the boat from the tower and as the boat pitched over he was thrown over the side.

Boaters that were in the area helped pull captain Bradley Williams from the ocean and got him to the lifeguards. He dislocated his shoulder, but was otherwise OK.

Williams and Maggie Birdwell, owners of the diving business, Starfish Scuba, checked conditions earlier in the morning. Four other charters in the marina had gone out for the day through the Boynton Inlet.

But the inlet can change in a matter of hours from calm to rough. By the time Starfish Scuba set out, the waves had grown much bigger.

Tides, wind, and boat wakes can change the conditions in the inlets quickly, our own Haulover Inlet included! 71 of the 628 accidents on the Water statewide occurred in the Miami Dade area, so be careful out there!

Check out the video on our YouTube channel:

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