Things to do at Haulover Beach: Famous around the world, Haulover Beach boasts tons of parking, as well as bathrooms, concessions, rentals, and a stunning sandy beach sprawled against the shores of the Atlantic.

But the main thing this family-friendly beach is famous for is something it doesn’t have: the requirement to wear clothes.

Most of Florida’s naturist beaches are tucked away on primitive, relatively remote shores, but not so with Haulover Beach.

Just north of Miami, Haulover Beach celebrates its status as Florida’s best-known and oldest officially recognized public nude beach. In addition, it’s regularly ranked as one of the Top 10 nude beaches worldwide.

Top 5 Things to do at Haulover Beach Park


Whether you want to stay on terra firma or you wish to venture out through the inlet out to sea, Haulover boasts amazing fishing! Haulover Park Beach is a prime fishing spot, with a long stretch of undeveloped beach and a jetty that allows fishers to reach deeper water.

Rent a bicycle

Haulover Park has a great bicycle path! Pick up a bike at one of the bike rental shops. Miami’s beautiful sunny weather makes it a great place to ride bikes year round! When you’re tired you can find a place to lock up your bike at Haulover Beach, and sunbathe at the clothing optional section of the beach (or the less adventurous part). When you’re feeling refreshed and energized continue on the bike path and enjoy!


With several picnic areas Haulover is a great place to bring lunch and relax! With all the boats cruising by on the inlet and people everywhere there is always something to see at Haulover Beach!

Yacht Spotting

With its strong currents and tides, rough waves, beautiful waters, and of course amazing collection of boats Haulover Inlet is a famed yacht spotting location. Sit along the jetties on either side and you’ll see everything from Wave Runners to 8 figure Pershing Yachts! When the waves are big and the currents strong you’re bound to see something amazing. This is why there are so many YouTube Channels dedicated to Haulover Inlet!

Fly a kite

Flying a kite is one of our favorite Haulover Beach activities! With the sea breeze constantly blowing strong here you can guarantee good kite flying weather! There is even a kite shop called Skyward Kites here that sells kites in case you don’t want to bring yours! Check out their website for information on the kite festivals they hold at the Haulover Beach Park!