Another day, another yacht full of pleasure seekers getting more than they bargained for. This time its a Sea Ray 450 Express. At Haulover Inlet there is no shortage of accidents, fun, crazy people, and of course huge waves! This particular day produced nearly all the elements of a good Haulover Inlet video! Today’s video is from YouTube channel Wavy Boats, another channel with many great Haulover videos.

First you have a SeaHunt Gamefish center console with the captain and 7 or 8 passengers, its standing room only and one guy is losing his shorts, but can’t let go to pull them up! The camera man smartly blurs this out for us. Then the guy goes for it and it ends as expected with him on the floor, his friends pointing and laughing at him! (fast forward to 0:48)

Boat overboard!

Then our title sponsor makes his way into the scene at 2:07. The Sea Ray 450 makes its way past the SRA1A bridge over the inlet. A few guests are basking in the cloudy, but warm day. Immediately you can hear the guests gasp as they approach the first line of waves. With only a small rail to hang on to they look nervous. The Sea Ray 450 is a pleasure cruiser, not an expedition ship. These can be found rather cheaply for their size, used Sea Ray 450 Express examples are plentiful in the $200,000 to $250,000 range.

Not wanting to appear weak to the line of cameras and fishermen on the jetty; the 3 musketeers remain steadfast in spite of their fears (and the very real waves) on the bow. As they churn out of the inlet towards their destination the Sea Ray’s small RIB tender breaks loose at the worst possible moment.

At this point the video cuts away, but mentions that there is footage at the end of the attempted retrieval of the tender. If you wish to skip to this point head to 8:45. If you skip ahead though you’ll miss the Rivale 52 and Yellowfin 39 with quads!

SPOILER: We don’t get to see the poor RIB get rescued!

Cue the 3 Stooges music! After 2 minutes of agonizing misses with a thrown line it looks to me like the captain needs to get close and have one of his pals jump in and swim to it. What do you think? Do they ever save this thing? How would you handle it? Keep in mind a RIB with a small outboard isn’t cheap! You’re looking at about 3 grand for an 8 foot RIB and 5 horse outboard.

Watch the full video here: