Tom Brady’s yacht ran aground at Haulover

Tom Brady's Yacht

Tom Brady’s yacht, “Viva a Vida”, ran aground today at Haulover Sandbar. In video sent to us by @captaintowboat and @itowboats the 55 foot Dutch Wajer yacht can be seen stuck at the popular sandbar. According to @captaintowboat Tom and his crew declined to pay for a tow off the sandbar and are choosing to […]

Guys get the ride of their lives on this Nor-Tech boat

mercury 350 outboard equipped nor-tech boat

Today we bring you another amazing video from ! Watch as this Mercury 350 outboard equipped Nor-tech boat takes on Haulover Inlet like its a no wake zone! One of the most common mistakes we see from Captains navigating Haulover Inlet is not using their boat’s power effectively. There’s that safe zone between too slow […]

Recreational Boaters and Fishermen combat Miami Dade restrictions

petition to reopen boat ramps

In response to the recent restrictions placed on recreational boaters and fisherman by Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez , those affected have turned to petitions in hopes of having the rules changed to allow fishing and cruising the waters around Miami. A petition to reopen boat ramps and marinas has been signed by thousands and tonight […]

Big waves and crazy boaters – some of the best clips from Haulover Inlet

Filming Haulover Waves Boat Snaps

The recipe that gets Haulover Inlet so much attention on social media and YouTube is as follows: Big Waves+Crazy Captains+Bikinis+Big Yachts. Filming Haulover Inlet has become a full time job for several YouTubers. The Atlantic meeting Biscayne Bay at Bal Harbour generates strong currents, big waves, confused seas, and this causes chaos and a bit […]

Watch this Pontoon Boat stuff its bow at Haulover Inlet

pontoon boat

Haulover Inlet is a tough place to navigate with any boat. The waves can be huge, the currents strong, and the rocks treacherous. Not to mention that the conditions can change within minutes, you take your boat out when its calm and then on the way back in the waves are built up and the […]

For $8,500 would you buy this Scarab Panther 30 with twin 454 engines

scarab panther 30

For $8,500 would you buy this Scarab Panther 30 with twin 454 engines This is the start of a new series on, we are going to find the best used boat bargains and share them with you. You decide if the price is right! Today’s entry is this 1989 Scarab Panther 30, a real […]

Don’t run out of gas in Haulover Inlet

out of gas

Did you spot the other interesting moment in this video? Answer at the end! Lets play Mad Libs…post your answers in the Facebook comments! Click here to skip to the clip Here is an interesting scenario, you have a 20+ foot walkaround that probably has a 100+ gallon fuel tank. The tank is ruined due […]

Overloaded boats+too slow+big waves=trouble

overloaded boats

Amazing how fast conditions can change at Haulover Inlet. This particular day started out with great conditions. Boats were just flying through the inlet on their way in and out of the Atlantic. The scenery is amazing with some great boats cruising by at speed including some overloaded boats headed out to party. We see […]

Get this 1400HP MTI V42 for over $300,000 off retail!

mti boats for sale

Get this 1400HP MTI V42 for over $300,000 off retail! Sent by a fan…this MTI V42 was featured in a recent Haulover Inlet video. This is one of the coolest, most badass center consoles available anywhere! We haven’t seen too many used MTI boats for sale, not like this center console anyway. The MTI V42 […]

Full send or failed send at Haulover Inlet? Oof

yamaha waverunner

Youtube Channel ZipZap Power was out at Haulover Inlet filming on a normal day with some light chop. As usual there were PWC riders everywhere taking advantage of the beautiful weather. 2 guys are taking advantage of the break in traffic to do some full throttle runs into the chop at the mouth of the […]